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The ritual of gathering together to share truths and insights handed down throughout generations is a tens, and some scholars believe possibly hundreds, of thousands year old tradition. Inner Circle Encounters™ is an extension of my personal evolutions and my professional training and experience. It is an opportunity to share with you knowledge, guidance and the sacred.

Inner Circle Encounters™ was birthed out of the calling to reach and meet the needs of as many women and men possible, given the constraints of our overly busy lives and the hours of a typical day. Due to an ever-growing waiting list of clients requesting to take the journey of personal and transformational development and growth with me as their honored guide.

With a sincere desire to provide the opportunity for everyone to have access to the experience, understanding many are not in a position to invest the financial resources to work one-on-one sessions and the reality of the limitations of session availability due to demand and the limitations of time, a platform to deliver the framework, information and guidance to address countless topics gave birth to Inner Circle Encounters™.

The encounters are designed to not only offer the guidance you have longed for but the ability to acquire it on your schedule. This is not your traditional or typical online experience. Entering into this realm with likeminded souls seeking to reach their highest purposes one thing is asked of you to reflect upon; am I ready to dedicate myself to the first step toward deeper self-Love, awareness and understanding. If your answer is yes, welcome to a refuge of safety, support and Love where you are accepted just as you are as you take the steps toward the life you wish to create.

Whether you consider yourself new to this type of interaction and learning or a well-seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone. We are all on a journey of continual growth and learning, including myself! Never seek guidance from a teacher who claims otherwise.

Inner Circle Encounters™ is a space where we are free to learn together, expand our understandings and unleash the vast potential we know resides within us. This experience is one of digging deep to rid our subconscious of the root issues that result in procrastination, self-sabotaging behaviors and countless other unproductive behaviors. But wait! There’s fun here too! The absolute joy of discovering that you’re not alone – you have a Tribe!

Whether the topic is on self or Spiritual growth, improving your relationships or guidance on how to self-publish your first book: each encounter is created and delivered to offer nurturing support, knowledge and tools you can implement immediately, encouragement and empowerment as you make your way toward the life you’re being called to create.

To the Creators! 

With Love,


Inner Circle Encounters™

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