Gin (Ginnie) Love Thompson, PhD is a renowned author, award-winning poet, intuitive psychotherapist, expert relationship and communications consultant, ancient wisdom & creativity teacher and an eminent authority on creativity and expressive arts therapy in treatment of physical, mental and spiritual issues. Ginnie is a sought after expert in her field having been featured on the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Everyday Health (the home of CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta), Lenny Letter (founded by creator, writer and star of HBO series Girls, actress Lena Dunham), Chicago Tribune’s “Social Graces”, and national magazines including Prevention, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest and more.  

Clinically trained as a Mental Health Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology, M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, Masters of Metaphysical Science M.Msc., B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Religious Studies and Certification in Marriage and Family Counseling and energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Ginnie left a thriving professional practice, after decades of experience, to pursue her calling of writing and teaching with a profound dedication of service to humanity. As a curator of ancient wisdom and bridge builder between science and spirituality she raises the vibration of each subject she communicates and contributes. 

Born with an exceptional gift of intuitive ability Love has assisted countless clients of all walks of life. She has worked with high profile clientele to blue and white collar population and agency work with at-risk-youth. With each client she offers greater insight into their current life situations and ultimate life purpose. Through her nurturing authentic nature and skillful guidance resulting from merging her knowledge and experience in clinical psychology, a lifelong pursuit of ancient wisdom teachings, her own personal journey of spiritual work and personal development, and her spiritual ability as an intuitive, those she works with achieve levels of accelerated awareness and clarity.  

She is the founder of Inner Circle Encounters offering members and participants a sacred refuge to open to their truths, do their inner work and experience true freedom. Inner Circle Encounters seeks to serve by offering an affordable, safe, private space to learn more about the course to inner mastery, development of self-awareness and gaining knowledge on topics of interest collectively. This is a worldwide endeavor offering groups, classes and courses online.

Ginnie's sincerest passion is her calling as a messenger of Love. Her deepest desire and dedication is to guide and teach others to understand, connect and live within the realm of Love, experiencing its life altering effects. “Of all these, the greatest is Love.” Dr. Love’s belief is that through the introspection, growth and understanding of Love our life is aligned. This work, as an amplifier of Love, is the foundation of all her many pursuits. 

Ginnie has walked her own path of the dark night. Encountering deep traumas starting in her childhood and throughout her adulthood, she has lived and walked the work she now teaches helping other experience lasting change from that which is deeply rooted, creating transformation in their lives. Her works and teachings come from a space of experiencing extreme life challenges and great loss, rising from the ashes as the mystical Phoenix and determined Lotus rising from the mire toward to the sun. 

She shares her personal stories because she wants her readers, students, client's to know she comes from a place of knowing the dedication, pain and freedom our personal work encompasses. The strength and power to endure hardship and transmute it into beauty is real and possible. No matter how distant hope appears at any time on their current journey Ginnie’s message is, “I've breathed in the darkness of the shadows of life. I know their bitter tinge on the soul, but I also know with guidance, persistence, patience and making the choice to move forward a step every day we can find our most authentic selves and life. Once we have encountered such extreme measures of trial and triumph we meet our warrior within. Once this meeting takes place you are forever fortified with the knowledge of your innate ability of not merely surviving, but thriving. The ingredients of transformation include the art of surrender (releasing the need and illusion of control), learning to receive after a lifetime of over-giving, embracing self-care, self-Love, forgiveness of self and others and more.. You are not alone.” 

Ginnie is also an ardent racial and social justice activist and educator. A member of the Official Trayvon Martin Coalition from its inception she volunteered her services as a PR assistant and grassroots organizer to the cause that soon after birthed a national, then global, awakening of the civil right movement. Ginnie also acts as representative of and consultant to African-American Private Firefighter Mikel Neal's noose case in Marion, Indiana, the home of the infamous 1939 lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith. Marion, Indiana is also Ginnie's hometown and backdrop for an upcoming book.

Ginnie Love is currently working on the completion of two books, Black Through Blue Eyes: A Memoir & A Movement and a book on Love still searching its title. She lives in the subtropics of Florida with her husband. 

About Gin Love THOMPSON