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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  -Jalaluddin Rumi

Detach From Drama Ginnie Love, PhD
Detach From Drama Ginnie Love, PhD

​​​​​Gin Love Thompson, PhD is a renowned author, award-winning poet, intuitive psychotherapist, expert relationship and communications consultant, ancient wisdom & creativity teacher and an eminent authority on creativity and expressive arts therapy in treatment of physical, mental and spiritual issues. Ginnie is a sought after expert in her field having been featured on the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Everyday Health (the home of CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta), Lenny Letter (founded by creator, writer and star of HBO series Girls, actress Lena Dunham), Chicago Tribune’s “Social Graces”, and national magazines including Prevention, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Travel + Leisure, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest and more.  

Clinically trained as a Mental Health Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology, M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Religious Studies and Certification in Marriage and Family Counseling and energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Ginnie left a thriving professional practice, after decades of experience, to pursue her calling of writing and teaching with a profound dedication of service to humanity. As a curator of ancient wisdom and bridge builder between science and spirituality she raises the vibration of each subject she communicates and contributes. 

Born with an exceptional gift of intuitive ability Love has assisted countless clients of all walks of life. She has worked with high profile clientele to blue and white collar population and agency work with at-risk-youth. With each client she offers greater insight into their current life situations and ultimate life purpose. Through her nurturing authentic nature and skillful guidance resulting from merging her knowledge and experience in clinical psychology, a lifelong pursuit of ancient wisdom teachings, her own personal journey of spiritual work and personal development, and her spiritual ability as an intuitive, those she works with achieve levels of accelerated awareness and clarity.  

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by Ginnie Love, PhD

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by Ginnie Love, PhD

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"Ginnie Love's genuine concern for my well-being was evident from our first session. I am amazed at how different a session with her is compared to past therapy experiences. She helped me uncover the underlying issues that were causing my life to be out of control. Three sessions with Ginnie Love have done more for my depression than a decade of traditional therapy."

-A. Martinez, Miami, FL

"Ginnie Love is a mirror, an excellent listener and creative with questions that help me tap into my truth and answers to my challenges. Out of her many strengths, I most appreciate her skill of tapping into asking the questions that help me connect the dots. She is patient and passionate as well. Ginnie is a highly talented personal and business consultant and I appreciate the unique care that she demonstrates."
-Samaria Graham, NC

"My marriage had fallen apart. I initially called Dr. Love for support as I filed for divorce. After a couple of phone sessions she suggested a couples session. Long story short, my husband and I worked individually and together with Ginnie over the course of three months and saved our marriage. We are happier than we've been since our honeymoon days! Both of our private medical practices are booming as a result of working with her. We are grateful for her discretion and sincerity in helping her clients and refer our own patients to her regularly. She has a beautiful heart!"
-The Davis', Albany, New York

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by Ginnie Love, PhD